Our Why

Faces of the Diaspora aims to explore and contribute to the conversation of what it means to be an African/Black person in the diaspora. This will be done through different forms of media including podcasts, short documentaries/books, and speaking sessions.  Being a multicultural person often comes with its set of conflicting messages and expectations – only when we take the time to decipher it and understand truly who we are and what drives us, can we then become the best version of ourselves – and make the impact that we want in the world. 

The 1st project is a podcast called “Jase avec Moi” which means Chat with me in English. It is a bilingual (French/English) podcast highlighting the lives and stories of young African professionals. I interviewed. people and discussed their experience climbing the corporate ladder, starting, and running their own businesses, and thriving in whatever environment they live in. My hope was that as Third Culture Kids or first-generation immigrants, we could share examples of how we are adapting and thriving in our current environment – and inspire each other to succeed.

The 2nd project is creating the largest database of Rwandan names, in order to share it globally.  We are currently at the crowdsourcing stage, where we are gathering the names and verifying their meanings.