#003 – Gisele on How & Why We Need More Black People in Tech – Part 2

#003 – Gisele on How & Why We Need More Black People in Tech – Part 2

Last week in Part 1, Gisele told us about how she got introduced to the world of technology and hackathons. This week, we continue talking about how the need for more Black People in Tech, especially Africans, and how we can claim our space in this industry.

03:30 –  Gisele goes on to talk about having diversity as the core of your company and how hiring people in your network can become a constraint to hiring diverse teams

07:30 – Stepping out to create a community of hackatons in Europe as a Black woman

10:30 – On the need for us to be present in these spaces, including conferences whether we are creating them or joining existing ones

23:00 –  Recommendations on how to get involved in the tech space, i.e. challenge-driven hackathons

[You don’t have to be the person with the technical skills, you can find partners and build together]

31:00 –  Technology is a tool to resolve problems, everybody can therefore build a tech company!

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