#004 – Kiga on the Art of Mastering Storytelling

In this episode, I’m speaking with Landry Kigabiro, also known as Kiga – and I can’t wait for you to hear about his experience in music and art, and his transition from being a DJ to producing music.

02:00 – Kiga introduces himself, when he knew he wanted to be a DJ, and why he DJs

11:00 –  The shift into producing to expand his vision and his artistry through Kuruza, and the difference between a beatmaker, a producer, and an executive producer

21:00 – Advice to other artists on how they can differentiate themselves from others

24:00 – On mastering the art of storytelling, and how that led to the creation of a clothing line

29:00 – How him wanting to be a great father, influences how he approaches life today

32:00 – How he finds inspiration when he is stuck, and his goals for the next couple of years

36:00 – Mots de la fin, lessons learned and additional advice: May we all be free and find peace!

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[In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!]


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