#005 – Fabiola on Recognizing Important Moments and Leveraging Them to Build – Part 1

#005 – Fabiola on Recognizing Important Moments and Leveraging Them to Build – Part 1

On this episode, I speak with Fabiola Mizero and we had so much fun that we went overtime, and I split the episode in 2. For today, we will talk about Fabiola’s background, and how a spark that was ignited once she started volunteering Montreal led her to being very active and creating organizations.

01:15 – Fabiola introduces herself, the countries she’s lived in, the different activities that she is involved in from fundraising to consulting – and why she calls herself an activist

05:00 – How a spark was ignited once Fabiola helped at an event, and started wondering what else she could be doing

[What are the other things that I’m good at, that I don’t even know? – Fabiola]

10:45 – How the African Student Association at Université de Montreal was created as a response to an incident on campus, and the lack of a safe space

16:45 – How the student activities that Fabiola was involved in led to her getting the jobs she did

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist]

22:00 – On unpaid internships and how they disqualify people immediately, and on the importance of building a network through activities

31:00 – On the importance of mentorship, and how Fabiola grew her relationships organically

35:00 – How Imposter Syndrome and Dyslexia led to moments of doubt, and how Fabiola works to overcome them

[There’s power in saying that you don’t know something, and it allows others as well to say they don’t know either – Fabiola]

I hope that you enjoyed part 1 of our conversation. Come back next week for Part 2, where we will talk about what she does exactly in her day to day life, her work with Oxfam, as well as tips and tricks on how to take care of ourselves.

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[In the meantime keep striving, keep thriving, and keep shining!]


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