#007 – Fiona on Growing Anaya Arts Organically by Listening

In today’s episode, I speak with Fiona, the founder of Anaya Arts. She shares her experience growing up in multiple countries, and her love for art. Then she delves deeper into how she slowly realized she was an artist, and decided to launch a business out of it. I hope it inspires you to discover what you’re passionate about, and to pursue it 🙂

1:30 – Fiona talks about her childhood, being Kenyan and growing up in Ivory Coast, and how her mother sees the beauty in winter

8:00 – How Fiona started by doodling and the people that encouraged her growth into Anaya Arts

15:20 – The day that Fiona realized Anaya Arts could become a business, and the steps that she took to further develop it by listening to the feedback

[Do what you love and the rest will take care of itself – Fiona]

24:00 – Fiona shares a tip on how you can figure out what your passion is

25:30 – What she’s most excited about, as well as how she tackles the challenges that come

36:30 – Where Fiona gets her inspiration from, and advice she would give to other aspiring artists

[Believing in someone else’s belief in me: my mom believed in me, and I believed her – then I believed in myself – Fiona]

54:00 – We share last words and our goals for the next coming months

Find Anaya Arts on Instagram, on Facebook, and her online shop and make sure to order in advance for your Christmas shopping

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