#015 – Naomi on Finding Your Why & Being of Service

Helloooo beautiful people! This week I am speaking with Naomi Haile, the co-founder of Find Your Tribe and of the Power of Why Podcast. Naomi is a community builder in Ottawa, and she really has a gift for rallying people. She is passionate about walking into your purpose, and after speaking with her, you just feel like you can take on the world. I hope that she inspires you to keep pushing in the direction of your dreams 🙂

01:30 – Naomi introduces herself, and the work that she’s been doing

04:45 – On how she developed such a clear vision of her life

08:45 – The turning point that made Naomi want to delve deeper into her Ethiopian culture

16:45 – How Find Your Tribe was started out of a need to build a community of young professionals, and how she met Samukele Ncube, her co-founder.

19:45 – On the different ways you can pivot your work, and how that led to Inclusively

30:35 – On the Power of Why Podcast and what led Naomi to start it

39:45 – On patience and how we can both practice it better

46:50 – What Naomi enjoys, how she learned to interview, and ask the hard questions

51:45 – Naomi’s ‘5-year plan’ and how she realizes it will depend on the systems and habits that she has in place

56:45 – Advice to her younger self

[Always remember that yourself in 20 years is relying on you to be smart right now, relying on you to work hard and to be diligent. Hustle in the way that feels right for you – Naomi]

You can find Naomi on LinkedIn, her website, Instagram, and Twitter

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