#017 – Michaella on Three Lessons Learned during The Black and Women’s History Months

#017 – Michaella on Three Lessons Learned during The Black and Women’s History Months

I hesitated a lot on doing a special episode for Black History Month and/or Women’s History Month because 1. they are also every day history, and 2. the show’s purpose is to highlight Black people, including women, every day. However, I also recognize that these two months are an opportunity to slow down and reflect, and to recognize amazing people from the past and the present that have contributed to our society. So I will be reflecting on three of the events that I attended in February, and lessons learned.

01:25 – Thoughts on the Advancing Women in STEM initiative by Yes Montreal and some of the feedback from the organizations that tried their recommendations

05:30 – My mini rant on white fragility and how as Black people/POC/minorities, we have to be careful on how we talk about diversity

07:45 – How do we reach people, and how can we practice more empathy all over the board?

08:45 – Reflecting on the money moves and building wealth in the Black community event

After fact-checking, the statistics mentioned seem more of a myth (re: money stays in the Black community for 6 hours, vs. other communities), so please use them as a reference story to illustrate the point

11:17 – The culture of convenience and how we have to make adjustments when we want to support small, Black, local businesses

13:35 – On Black professionals in tech, and the story of how I “accidently” became a diversity and inclusion ambassador

15:55 – Our roles as internal change agents in the companies that we work for, and why I strongly believe in recommending other Black people

18:55 – How being part of a network gives me access to funds and resources, as we had discussed in Fabiola‘s episode

20:20 – What is your personal brand, and does it align with your goals?

21:40 – How can we recognize our privilege, and how we can each do our part to help the next person?

24:00 – Where can you have the most impact with the resources that you have, and where do you find the most fufillment?

The organisations that were mentioned in this episode are: Yes Montreal and the Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN)

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