#019 – Mo on Cultural Curiosity and Finding Joy in the Unexpected

#019 – Mo on Cultural Curiosity and Finding Joy in the Unexpected

This week, I’m speaking with Mo, from The More Sibyl Podcast. Mo is a professor of pharmacy, conducts cancer research, and also runs a podcast. She is also Nigerian, and lives in Oklahoma. We talk about culture, how speaking out can not only help you, but can also help others and build community, amongst many other things. This was deep and personal, so grab a seat and tune in to listen to her story.

01:45 – Mo introduces herself as a Nigerian-born, US-educated, Korean-speaking, and wandering intellectual

03:35 – How Mo got into podcasting and how she keeps up the pace with a whooping 93 episodes in 2 years

05:55 – On her curiosity and how it has led her to speak about important life subjects

11:55 – Her experience arriving in the US and how she had adapt to the education system

17:30 – How her frustration working as a pharmacist in the field, led her to becoming a professor

[School had taught me about what the drugs did to the body… but not enough about learning why patients didn’t take their medications – Mo]

27:55 – The challenges of being a professor and her thoughts on diversity

40:35 – How her love of Korean culture begun, and when she started learning the language

52:50 – Why she uses the tagline “for Blacks and Asians and those who love them” for her podcast, as well as lessons learned

[There is a need for people to be real again – Mo]

59:00 – The 5 year vision and the impact Mo hopes to have in the world 🙂

Check out her podcast and writings on Mosibyl.com You can also find her on Instagram

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