Series: Arts

#025 – Michaella on Living a Life of Impact

Hello beautiful people! So this is my last episode for Season 1, and I have the privilege of being interviewed by Fabiola from Episode 5.
I felt that it might be appropriate to sit on the other side of the mic for once, so that you can learn more about m…

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#023 – Aissa Sur Son Amour de l’Afrique et Comment le Partager de l’Entreprise à l’Histoire

Cette semaine je parle avec Aissata Sylla, une jeune Ivoirienne qui habite à Montréal depuis maintenant 8 ans. On parle de ce qu’elle a appris en vivant dans plusieurs pays Africains, son amour pour l’Afrique et comment elle le partage dans ses multiples…

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#019 – Mo on Cultural Curiosity and Finding Joy in the Unexpected

This week, I’m speaking with Mo, from The More Sibyl Podcast. Mo is a professor of pharmacy, conducts cancer research, and also runs a podcast. She is also Nigerian, and lives in Oklahoma. We talk about culture, how speaking out can not only help you, b…

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