Series: Community Building

#022 – Lynda sur le Multiculturalisme: Accepter Où Nous Sommes et Qui Nous Sommes

Cette semaine, j’ai l’honneur de parler avec Lynda Egnonam Dongo aka Mlle Lynda. Lynda est une Afro-Québécoise, du Togo, qui habite maintenant à Montréal depuis 5 ans. Elle travaille en tant que conseillère senior en crédit, et mène aussi Iloubiya Togo, …

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#015 – Naomi on Finding Your Why & Being of Service

Helloooo beautiful people! This week I am speaking with Naomi Haile, the co-founder of Find Your Tribe and of the Power of Why Podcast. Naomi is a community builder in Ottawa, and she really has a gift for rallying people. She is passionate about walking…

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#014 – Imanzi on Becoming a Servant Leader

In this week’s episode, we are speaking with Imanzi Kayitare. We chat about his work as a public servant, how he is always involved in some form of community building, and what inspired it all. Enjoy 🙂  
01:45 – Imanzi introduces himself, his background…

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