Series: Politics

#021 – Zuwa on Embracing Our Agency and The Courage to Act Now

This week I have the honour of speaking with Zuwa Matondo, a son of Africa and sun of Zimbabwe (zu-wa means sun(shine) in the Zimbabwean Shona dialect). I have known Zuwa for the last 12 years, and he has become a big brother to me. 
Audacious in natur…

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#014 – Imanzi on Becoming a Servant Leader

In this week’s episode, we are speaking with Imanzi Kayitare. We chat about his work as a public servant, how he is always involved in some form of community building, and what inspired it all. Enjoy 🙂  
01:45 – Imanzi introduces himself, his background…

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#009 – Moses on How Following Your Heart Continuously Builds into Something Greater

On this episode I speak with Moses Gashirabake. Moses is truly an example of what it means to be a go getter, and to go above and beyond in all that you do. He is very involved in both the Canadian and Rwandan communities on top of his demanding work sch…

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