Series: Technology

#018 – Sophina on Cybersecurity and Empowering Other Young Women

This week I am speaking with Sophina Kio Lawson, a cybersecurity analyst, and the co-founder of We talk about how she discovered the field of security, her first time using computers, and what led her to create an initiative empowering o…

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#003 – Gisele on How & Why We Need More Black People in Tech – Part 2

Last week in Part 1, Gisele told us about how she got introduced to the world of technology and hackathons. This week, we continue talking about how the need for more Black People in Tech, especially Africans, and how we can claim our space in this indus…

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#002 – Gisele on How Technology Can Help Change the World – Part 1

On this episode I speak with Gisele Karekezi, one of my long time friends and we discuss how she went from a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and African Studies to the Technology world.
01:45 – Gisele’s initial interest in science and how the Obam…

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